Waiting One Year, A Rescue Dog Story

Pictured: Ellen Bookman (right) Brody Bookman (left)

Taking A Chance: Ellen Bookman is a woman who undoubtedly has experienced adversity in her life. Adversity can be a tough thing to overcome for most people. Ellen however, is not like most people. Approximately ten years  ago, she began experiencing various symptoms, such as lack of focus, loss of feeling in her feet, and…

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Forever Home for a Misunderstood Dog

Ruby & Yogi’s Adoption Story Mary Ball, a dog rescuer, allowed us to get an insight on her journey as a dog owner. Mary has always been a dog lover.  She grew up with a house full of dogs and had a total of  7 or 8 growing up. At the age of 20, Mary…

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Adopted Dogs Help Child With Special Needs Grow

Gavin and Fritz in the car

  Leigh Violante has been a strong advocate for the dog adoption instead of purchasing from breeders for a long time.  She did environmental work which led her to be an unofficial dog foster mom.  Throughout the years, she saved around 15 dogs, and found loving homes for them.  While Violante has adopted many dogs…

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Winnie the Rescue Dog: Changes a Life

Black and tan rescue dog smiling with tongue out

We’re Going Home After what seemed like a long adoption process, Ivy knew the first thing on their to do list after leaving the animal control center was give Winnie a bath. Then she realized she didn’t have anything for Winnie, they went shopping for food, treats and bedding. Ivy was more than sure Winnie…

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Releash Atlanta!

D.D. Finch hugging her rescue dog

Releash Atlanta! is a unique rescue dog organization that does not hold public adoption events, but hold meet-ups at restaurants or social media platforms.

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