Rescue Dog Games has gone Virtual for 2020! (with an interactive twist!...Take on the challenge)

The great dog challenge 2020

Beginning September 1st at 9 AM EST, Challenges will be launched! 

The Challenges will get you and your dog playing, posing, showing your love to each other and basically having fun!  Show your love for your pup by making him/her the star.  They love the attention! You'll love the challenge...take it on!


PRIZES:  You both can win prizes for completing the Challenges and being creative together!  Most of the challenges will provide a link for a great offer for you and your dog to enjoy and then overall prizes will be awarded throughout the month of September and at the end to the 2020 Top Dogs (and humans)!


The @ Piedmont Park Challenge:  This will be a chance to get out in the beautiful Piedmont Park in a socially distant way.  You and your dog can meander through the park anytime throughout the month of September.  On September 1st, we will post the Challenge Map to show you where all of the Challenge signs are throughout the park.  At each Challenge Sign, you will be given instructions as to the challenge to take on!   It's super easy to participate:  You will get to enjoy the challenge and then post a pic or video.  Each challenge will list the specific instructions.


The @ Home Challenge:  This will be an opportunity to participate in all of the Challenges in your own home or your own backyard.  The @ Home Challenges will give you and your dog interactive activities to laugh together, cuddle, be silly, play and just show off together!  You will get to return just a smidge of that unconditional love that your dog gives you daily by participating together as a team. 


You'll have the entire month of September to complete the challenges, but don't wait, get out with your pup and get some fresh air and have fun!  Prizes will be given throughout the month of September and at the very end. 


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