Releashed Rescue: The Husky Life

The Husky Life


Choosing A Dog

There are many types of people, and many types of dogs. Some people enjoy the indoors more than the out, and they need to find a dog that can live a happy life with that lifestyle. A house feels a little bit empty without that perfect dog running around wagging its tail.

Choosing a dog isn’t just, “I want that one because it is cute.” It is finding a dog with which you can live a compatible lifestyle. Even if people feel as if they have a connection with a dog, sometimes they can’t give the dog the kind of life it needs and both will end up unhappy. People with high energy, and who live very active lifestyles, should try to connect with dogs with whom they can share that lifestyle. A husky, for example, would go great with someone who enjoys daily walks and hikes up mountains. For people who live more dormant lifestyles, they should look for dogs who are more comfortable getting their daily activity around the house.

Releashed Rescue

Charla Collings is a huge dog lover, especially when it comes to huskies. She fostered many dogs and then thought “I can do this better,” so she started Releashed Rescue, a non-profit organization focused on rescuing huskies and other working dogs from high kill shelters and getting them ready for their new homes. Over the past five years Releashed Rescue has rescued and found homes for over 650 dogs. Charla explained that huskies are a much sought out breed of dog, but owners often end up underestimating the work involved in raising a working dog and end up taking them to shelters. “Most people want a dog that will sit and watch TV with them. A husky will do that, but you have to run them around the yard first.”

Baloo Keeping Watch
Adorable tan husky mix being petted.
Bear the Dog

Releashed Rescue has a great understanding of the kind of attention these amazing dogs need. They have 35 acres of land containing a one mile trail and a treadmill station for the dogs as well as two urban mushing carts. “We can never have too many volunteers,” Charla says, which is why Rescue Dog Olympics is a great place for Releashed Rescue to find support and network with other dog owners. If people are interested in taking a day or longer, to spend time with one of Releashed Rescues’ fantastic dogs, then they can volunteer on their site to help transport the dogs to events or vet visits, or they can sign up to foster if they are able too. This will be Releashed Rescue’s third time taking part in the event. Some of the dogs participate in the events and they all make a lot of new friends. Because Releashed Rescue wants their dogs to find forever homes, they make sure that the owners will be up for the task. This means that the dogs at Rescue Dog Olympics will not be adoptable on site; however, everyone is more than welcome to come and meet them. If anyone falls in love with any of these dogs, they will be able to go through Releashed Rescues’ adoption process which usually takes around 5 days.

Whether or not you are someone who lives an active lifestyle, Rescue Dog Olympics will be sure to have hundreds of dogs who may just find a home with you. Be sure to come out on Sunday March 10, 2019 to Piedmont Park, Atlanta to see all these great dogs!

Bear The Dog *All dogs featured in this article live, or have lived with Releashed Rescue

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