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Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

By Rescue Dog Games | June 1, 2020
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Do We Choose Our Dogs or Do They Choose Us?

By Rescue Dog Games | May 19, 2020

Adopted dog takes 97-day walk back to foster mom ย  Author: Boyd Huppert Published: 4:20 PM EDT May 17, 2020 ST PAUL, Minn. โ€” Zelda, a six-year-old German shepherd mix, may not have a pedigree. But no one can question her sense of direction. The skittish mutt found her way back to her old neighborhood…

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Separation Anxiety in Pets

By Rescue Dog Games | May 13, 2020

Submitted by the Atlanta Humane Societyย  Because your routine has likely changed over the past few months, things have changed dramatically for your pets as well. You may be seeing some behaviors that you didnโ€™t notice before, which can be a sign of stress in your pet. The best thing to do for pets now…

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We love our dogs…and so do ticks and fleas

By Rescue Dog Games | May 7, 2020

Check your pets for ticks regularly, especially after outdoor time Keep grass cut and shrubs maintained Don’t let your pets play in the wooded areas Use preventative products on your pet Watch this informative video to love your dog to good health

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Dietary & Lifestyle Change–Just A Hair Away โ€ฆ

By Rescue Dog Games | April 29, 2020

By: Yvonne Sims ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  We all love our pets and want the very best for them. That includes showering them with lots of love, providing them with the best foods that fulfill their individual needs and making sure they are at their optimal health. At times, many of our pets feel ill and show abnormal…

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Walks Talks and Snuggles

By Rescue Dog Games | April 21, 2020

Submitted by Bobbi Henry My rescue puppy Dash generously gives me love with her enormous unconditional love.ย  She fills my overflowing heart like nothing or nobody could possibly do! Like most, I have been on the pandemic quarantine for over a month. I am elderly and live alone. โ€œI am aloneโ€ฆbut not lonelyโ€, entirely due…

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Top 6 Atlanta Pet Companies meeting the needs of our pets

By Rescue Dog Games | April 17, 2020

Companies and local employees in the pet industry are working hard to create a safe environment for pet owners to get our pets’ needs met.ย  Here’s the top Atlanta choices for you to consider buying from:ย  Top Pet Supply companies:ย  Hollywood Feed is offering Curbside Pick-up At All Stores -Same Day Delivery – and Fast,…

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Indulge your pup in a DIY doggie ice cream treat

By Rescue Dog Games | April 14, 2020

Join the Atlanta Humane Society in lovin’ our dogs with a special treat that you certainly have time at home to make now for your lucky pup.ย  Click on the picture for a fun step-by-step guide on making a dog-safe, delicious treat for your loved furry friend.ยย  ย  ย 

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Top Benefits of Daily Hugs from Dogs

By Rescue Dog Games | April 12, 2020

In a time when we are isolating from other humans, we can all benefit from hugs from our dogs.ย  It is known that humans need contact and connection and if you are lucky enough to have a dog in your home, then you can garner the benefits from your furry family member.ย ย  The following information…

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Pictured: Ellen Bookman (right) Brody Bookman (left)

Waiting One Year, A Rescue Dog Story

By Tricia | February 13, 2020

Taking A Chance: Ellen Bookman is a woman who undoubtedly has experienced adversity in her life. Adversity can be a tough thing to overcome for most people. Ellen however, is not like most people. Approximately ten yearsย  ago, she began experiencing various symptoms, such as lack of focus, loss of feeling in her feet, and…

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