Walks Talks and Snuggles

Submitted by Bobbi Henry

My rescue puppy Dash generously gives me love with her enormous unconditional love.  She fills my overflowing heart like nothing or nobody could possibly do!

Like most, I have been on the pandemic quarantine for over a month. I am elderly and live alone. “I am alone…but not lonely”, entirely due to Dash who is my best company and my best friend.  I have no desire to be anywhere else!  I am so deeply grateful and I love her so deeply.  I simply rejoice in her presence and her big heart in her tiny 10 pound furry being.  I am blessed!

One of Dash’s major chore each morning is to keep me moving.  She patiently waits while I get ready and gulp down my coffee.  Excitedly, she bounds out for our long walk to the square.  Although there are many days that I definitely do not feel like walking,  I just can’t refuse that “look”!  If it were not for her enthusiasm to walk, I would not get in the exercise that is so vital for my health.  I have her to thank for keeping me motivated and healthy.

Dash appears to understand me completely.  When I talk to her, she looks intently into my eyes and just gets it!  I am never lonely, because my best friend is always by my side, pushing up against me for a simple “hello” and a snuggle.  At bedtime, we continue our partnership, while she watches me closely and patiently awaits as I attend to my night time rituals.  Once in bed, Dash demands to be a cuddled against me with her declaration “this is my spot…. nite-nite”

If I leave for a moment to go to the mail room down the hall, upon my return, she goes terrifically wild in welcoming me –as if I’ve been around the world!  It is worth stepping out into the hall, only to receive upon my return this love and excitement.   It is rare in life to get that kind of welcome or display of love!

When I rescued her, she had been homeless on the street…truth is, she rescued me and continues to rescue me every precious moment with her.  I am deeply grateful and blessed by my little Dash. 

She is my heart.

Bobbi Henry 4/20/2020


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