Our Pet Partners' Digital Stories

Pictured: Ellen Bookman (right) Brody Bookman (left)

Waiting One Year, A Rescue Dog Story

Taking A Chance: Ellen Bookman is a woman who undoubtedly has experienced adversity in her life. Adversity can be a tough thing to overcome for most people. Ellen however, is not like most people. Approximately ten years  ago, she began experiencing various symptoms, such as lack of focus, loss of feeling in her feet, and…

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Forever Home for a Misunderstood Dog

Ruby & Yogi’s Adoption Story Mary Ball, a dog rescuer, allowed us to get an insight on her journey as a dog owner. Mary has always been a dog lover.  She grew up with a house full of dogs and had a total of  7 or 8 growing up. At the age of 20, Mary…

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Gavin and Fritz in the car

Adopted Dogs Help Child With Special Needs Grow

  Leigh Violante has been a strong advocate for the dog adoption instead of purchasing from breeders for a long time.  She did environmental work which led her to be an unofficial dog foster mom.  Throughout the years, she saved around 15 dogs, and found loving homes for them.  While Violante has adopted many dogs…

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Adorable black and tan rescue dog licking nose

River: An Atlanta Rescue Dog Story

River was rescued from an abusive and neglectful situation and had spent most of her life in a crate, without any bonds with humans or dogs.

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Black and tan rescue dog smiling with tongue out

Winnie the Rescue Dog: Changes a Life

We’re Going Home After what seemed like a long adoption process, Ivy knew the first thing on their to do list after leaving the animal control center was give Winnie a bath. Then she realized she didn’t have anything for Winnie, they went shopping for food, treats and bedding. Ivy was more than sure Winnie…

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The Lucky Dog Maggie the black and tan wheelie dachshund

The Marvelous Miss Maggie: An Atlanta Rescue Dog Story

Maggie is a differently abled pup. She’s an adorable black-and-tan dachshund with a pair of doe-brown eyes & a loving nature who steals the heart of everyone.

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Rescued poodle mix with her forever family

Live Your Dash: An Atlanta Rescue Dog Story

Dash, a dog found on the Atlanta streets, was cared for at the FurKids shelter where she gave birth to a litter of puppies.

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German Shepherd Dog with Atlanta Skyline sunset

Humane Society of the United States: A More Humane World

Humane Society of the United States partners up with local law enforcement, offering training on identification of animal cruelty through free seminars.

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Milo the husky ready for a walk

Releashed Rescue: The Husky Life

Releashed Rescue is a Georgia non-profit focused on rescuing huskies & other working dogs from high kill shelters & getting them ready for their new homes.

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D.D. Finch hugging her rescue dog

Releash Atlanta!

Releash Atlanta! is a unique rescue dog organization that does not hold public adoption events, but hold meet-ups at restaurants or social media platforms.

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sweet bassett hound therapy dog

Pet Partners: Improving Human Health One Therapy Animal at a Time

Pet Partners is a national therapy dog organization and is considered “gold standard” of all therapy animal organizations.

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Our Pal’s Place Rescue Volunteers

Our Pal’s Place: From Pets to Accessories, Re-Homing is Their Specialty

Our Pal’s Place is a Georgia non-profit organization, whose mission is to bring about a time when all animals are treated with kindness and compassion.

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Adorable tan dog with pink boa

LifeLine Animal Project: Every Animal Deserves a Chance

LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, GA has a mission is to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in shelters across metro Atlanta.

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Spero tripod dog being adopted

Furkids: A Shelter for Furbabies

Furkids is the largest no-kill animal shelter in Georgia. They take in both cats and dogs and have two different locations dedicated to each animal.

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Caitlin and her cute tan and white rescue dog

Caitlin’s Vine of Bravery Dog Rescue: A Helping Paw

A Helping Paw Have you ever seen the “Who Rescued Who?” bumper sticker? It begs a good question. The healing power that animals provide is underestimated. There are many people who talk about their rescued animals, but not many talk about how their animal friends have rescued them. Animals have secret super powers—the ability to…

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Black lab kissing his playmate

Best Friends Animal Society: Saving Them All

Best Friends Animal Society has been at the heart of the no-kill movement since its founding in 1984. They work in cities across the country to Save Them All—their mission and call to action. Best Friends seeks to end the mass killing of homeless pets in America’s shelters by 2025.

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Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe teaches children of all ages how to interact with dogs in a safe, fun way

Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe: Starting Conversations for Change

Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe works to save rescue dogs by keeping them out of shelters in the first place. They believe that the goal of animal shelters should be to ultimately put themselves out of business.

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Bassador rescued from a hit-and-run

Atlanta Lab Rescue: Rescue to be Rescued

Atlanta Lab Rescue centers around labrador retrievers and larger dogs that need adopting. Their mission is to lift the dogs from unfavorable conditions into loving homes.

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Animal Law Summit Giving Animals a Voice

Animal Law Source: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

The Animal Law Source is an organization founded to inform and answer questions about animal laws, both on the state and local levels of government. Their International Animal Law Summit, is a symposium that brings together lawyers and people in every animal profession from all over the world to discuss a plethora of imperative topics regarding animal law.

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Ahimsa House Lady with Dog

Ahimsa House: A Safe Haven for Domestic Abuse Victims and Their Pets

The Rescue Dog Olympics is proud to have Ahimsa House as one of our 2019 Pet Partners. The organization began in 2004 after survivor, Emily Christie, lost a pet to domestic violence and animal cruelty.

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